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"ZOO" is a project for the stage that will feature robots.
In "ZOO", the world enters a new phase: Humans no longer exist and have been replaced by robots.
Le Peltier had the idea for this show when he discovered the Zooids - robots the size of a cork - and their creator, Matthieu Le Goc. Find out more about this project in this video:
In "ZOO", we’ll live the last days of Humankind, like when you give back the keys to the flat you used to live in.

Creation and performance : Jean Le Peltier
Production: Ives & Pony
Associated production: Entropie Production
Coproduction: Au bout du plongeoir - Rennes, Honolulu - Nantes


General management

Pierre-Laurent Boudet

pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830

Production manager

Florent Garnier
florent.garnier (at)
+32 487 76 83 16
Hosted by Théâtre Varia
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