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Mater Museum

After decorating the face of the Botanique with his massive frescoes, Vincent Glowinski (alias Bonom) occupies the Museum space this year with a procession of fascinating creatures from another time.
The artist has been linked with the Botanique for some years now. It began with the installation of one of his giant skeletons in the Grand Salon for the 2012 Les Nuits festival, along with a jungle painting on the walls of the Rotunda, which would spread two years later across the walls of the orangery.

Picture ©Guy Kokken

With Mater Museum, Vincent Glowinski turns the Museum into the site of an internal archaeology. His bones, fossils and other primitive forms, seemingly escaped from a natural history museum, turn the spotlight on the idea of origins. It is therefore no surprise that he should turn his attention to his own origins, invoking the figure of the mother. Works by his own mother, Agnès Debizet, are displayed alongside his own sculptures in an immersive and unsettling presentation.

The exhibition becomes the drama of a filial bond in which unexpected objects, prehistoric remains, remnants and memories accumulate and intertwine.
We first met the artist under his assumed name, Bonom: a virtuoso street artist whose works still linger on many perilously inaccessible Brussels facades. As he gradually emerged from anonymity, Vincent Glowinski visibly expanded his reach. Official commissions, sculptures, performance, dance... this prolific master of all trades has been found on the walls during the Mons 2015 festival and invading the boards of the National Theatre.

Glowinski featured in the exhibition of Brussels urban art at the Ixelles Museum in 2011, and was also the subject of an exhibition entitled Le singe boîteux at the contemporary art foundation ISELP in 2013 with his associate the photographer Ian Dykmans. His light painting performances, Human brush and Méduses, created in collaboration with the electronic media artist Jean-François Roversi, are regularly shown in Belgium and abroad.

Picture ©Studio Fiftyfifty

Picture ©Guy Kokken

This exhibition has take place at Botanique in Brussels from february 25th to april 17th 2016.
Sculptures in stoneware and drawings on ceramic sheets : Agnès Debizet.
Sculptures in parchment leather, ink drawings and painting on tulle : Vincent Glowinski.
Lighting design : Davy Deschepper
Production : Le Botanique
Associated Production : Entropie production

Video from Museum Nigth Fever film by Destel heide

Museum Night Fever 2016@Botanique - aftermovie from Destelheide on Vimeo.


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