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Juste avant la nuit

Three boys and a girl go on a canoe trip organised by their parents. They like each other, but they are not really friend. On their trip, they will cross path with a horse, woollen hoods that prevent from feeling ashamed, a head airbag, a bramble bush, a meadow and a floor that gives you the impression to walk with Nike Air Max.

Unfortunately, one of the boys is injured and has to stay home, where he imagines his trip with the three others. When they’re back, none of them tell the boy what they did. He then decides to organise another trip: a clandestine trip that will take the four characters to abandoned spaces.

"JUSTE AVANT LA NUIT" is a theatre piece based on a text by Jean Le Peltier and in collaboration with: Mohamed Boujarra (dancer) – Stephan Goldrajch (visual artist) – Magali Lefevbre (visual artist) – Stine Hertel (Lighting designer) – Jan Rohwedder (Performer).

We come from France, Germany, Morocco, Israel and Belgium. We are dancers, actors, performers, visual artists and photographers.

Author, actor: Jean Le Peltier
Dancer: Mohamed Boujara
Visual artist: Stephan Goldrajch
Visual artist: Magali Lefevbre
Lighting design: Stine Hertel
Performer: Jan Rohwedder
Production: Ives & Pony + Rotterdam Presenta
Associated Production: Entropie Production

Coproduced by: La Balsamine (Bruxelles), L’Air Libre (Rennes), Au bout du plongeoir (Rennes), Les Fabriques (Nantes), Le Théâtre de Poche (Hédé), FFT (Düsseldorf)

With thanks to Le BRASS (Brussels), Le Volapük (Tours)
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Production manager - Projet Quartier Vincent Glowinski
Laura Ughetto
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Entropie Production is supported by Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and Wallonie Bruxelles International

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