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Clinic Orgasm Society

The Clinic Orgasm Society is a multi-form and trans-disciplinary collective. It was created almost by accident in 2001 in Brussels (Belgium). Under the direction of Ludovic Barth and/or Mathylde Demarez, each project is created by a small and rotating number of artists.

Why the name Clinic Orgasm Society? Originally, we did not even think of the meaning of these words once they were put together. Later on, we realised that it suited our work
and our exploration of how the organic and the mechanical can meet. The idea of a society that would clinically provoke orgasms seemed right given the context we’re living in.

The same goes for the title of the pieces we create: at first, they don’t seem to have any direct and explicit connection with the actual content of the work. It’s up to the audience members to invent and project a meaning based on their own personal stories. And the Clinic Orgasm Society will not do the work for them; it will only give them the drive to do it.

The Clinic Orgasm Society deliberately sees the stage as a raw, uninhibited, experimental, populist and festive space. We create and explore seemingly playful and chaotic worlds: they are full of flaws, mistakes, slag and accidents. This mayhem is actually very precisely choreographed.

The Clinic Orgasm society explores and questions the relationship with the audience. With patience and stubbornness, we create unconventional ways of connecting with audience members. We do not aim at making grand revelations; our ambition is to make sense of this world by creating universes where we can touch on the strange and absurd beauty of the Human ballet and its tragic and ridicule wriggles.

The Clinic Orgasm society is not a theatrical company. We are a virtual space for experimentation, a laboratory where researchers try to breathe life into performative actions that are deliberately created like ill-fitted monstrous creatures. We want to push the boundaries of performance, theatre and hi-tech DIY.


General manager
Pierre-Laurent Boudet
pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830
Administrative manager
Anaïs Bastin
anais.bastin (at)
+32 2 642 20 57
Production manager
Camille Bono
camille.bono (at)
+33 6 33 23 06 21
Production manager - Projet Quartier Vincent Glowinski
Laura Ughetto
laura.ughetto (at)
Abel Poucet

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