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Multiply the worlds

Through a sound and performative installation, we wish to approach the notion of the body in trance by relying mainly on interviews with practitioners, theorists and artists who have a link with dance and modified states of consciousness. Through the singularity and plurality of the participants we wish to make heterogeneous ways of saying, doing and thinking co-existing We will be particularly interested in experiences involving physicality and movement such as: the umbanda religion in Brazil, cognitive trance, Sufism, hypnosis, rave parties and other dance practices. Automatic line return
Based on stories conveying singular trance experiences from different cultures, beliefs or territories, we will ask ourselves to what extent we can find common ground. For even if it remains a hypothesis, the idea that these phenomena would be a profoundly human expression seems to arouse today a necessary and vibrant imagination. These experiences remind us of the subjectivity of what we call "reality" and rehabilitate the possibility of making a connection in a different way.

In the course of these testimonies, we understand how trance or modified states of consciousness allow us to imagine different ways of inhabiting the world, including all the "others" populating the earth, human and non-human.

"It is not an isolated self that thinks and acts, but it is the network that I am woven into, it is my whole history, the whole story, it is the friends and the stars, all the lines of force that cross me and through which I allow myself to be crossed, everything carring me and supporting me, everything keeping me and protecting me."

François Roustang « L’hypnose est communication », in D. Michaux (dir.),Hypnose, langage et communication, Imago, p. 31.

Résidences : La Bellone, Projection Room, BAMP, WP zimmer

Première : La Bellone, septembre 2021


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