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DIPTYCH: Matamatá -trio- & Life is not useful (or It is what it is) -solo-

This Diptych is the production of two choreographic works that complement and complexify each other, like two photographic images placed side by side. Diptych is a project at the crossroads of theatre, dance, literature and visual arts, consisting of a piece for three performers (“Matamatá”) and a solo conference ("Life is not useful or It is what it is). It is the deployment of my infinite search towards and around the marvellous.
Faced with the zeitgeist of our time, the climate catastrophe, the imminent death of the largest tropical forest on the planet and other challenges, as a choreographic artist I ask myself: Will we be able to reforest/replant, to become a forest with our bodies and our cities, how are we going to find joy and pleasure and not fall into melancholic and eco-climatic anguish? How can we make a dance to delay the end of a world?
We start from bodily fabulations to perhaps make the audience’s thoughts dance.

choreography Bruno Freire

Solo: Life is not useful (or it is what it is) (Création - November 2023)

  • performers Bruno Freire (BE/BR) design lumière Laura Salerno sound design Tomas Monteiro, Provocations Cristian Duarte (BR) Dramaturgy feedbacks and text adaptation Anna Czapski (FR/BE)

Trio: Matamatá (Création - Octobre 2023)

  • performers Robson Ledesma (BE/BR), Magdelaine Hodebourg (BE/FR) Annabel Reid (BE)
    Kempo training Thiago Antunes (BE/BR)
    sound design Ricardo Vincenzo (BR)
    light design Felipe Boquimpani
    Costumes+Makeup Stef Assandri
    dramaturgy Rodrigo Batista
    provocations Ana Teixeira (BR)

Production Stephanie Bouteille, Pierre-Laurent Boudet, Rocio Leza pour Entropie Production
Executive Production La Balsamine
Coproduction La Balsamine, Charleroi Danse - centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles, La Cigalière, La Coop asbl, Shelter Prod,
With the support of Service de la Danse de la Fédération Wallonie - Bruxelles, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, European Union - Culture Moves Europe, Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre-Danse,, ING, Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge
Residencies Festival International BAM (Siby/Bamako - Mali), WorkspaceBrussels, KRAAK Santarcangelo International Festival (It), La Cigalière (Sérignan - Fr), BUDA Kunstencentrum (Courtrai - Be)
, Théâtre VARIA (Be)
Acknowledgements Tarina Quelho, Thiago Alixandre, Calixto Neto, Breno Caetano, Zé Fernando, Louise Cardon & Cao Guimarães


General manager
Pierre-Laurent Boudet
pierlo.boudet (at)
+32 484 650 830
Administrative manager
Stéphanie Bouteille
admin (at)
+491 07 20 76
Production manager
Rocio Leza
Rocio.leza (at)
+32 477 05 58 81
Communication manager
Marie-Sophie Zayas
communication (at)
Abel Poucet

Entropie Production is supported by Ministry of Culture of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Wallonie Bruxelles International and the Commission communautaire française (Cocof).

Office: P.A.C.O. (Pôle d’Accompagnement Collaboratif et Ouvert) - 17 rue de Manchester 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean